Saturday, March 25, 2006

Looking for a good USED CAR?

If you are planning to buy a used car soon, then you have found the right place now!

Malaysian Auction Center is an on-line used car search engine for Malaysian.
There are no fees to Buyers for providing information to MAC but once Auction is done, small amount of service fees will be charged to Buyers and Sellers. For Service fees information click here --> (Now is free of charge! Hurry up before further annoucement from MAC)

Please leave your contact information and your dreams car type and estimated price.
Here is the minimum required (8 items) information from you:

1) Name:_________ (Same as IC)
2) IC No.: __________ (New IC no. only, For successful applicant this number will be your MAC ID no., password will then be informed by Email) )
3) Contact no.: ______________ (Phone & Fax)
4) Email address: _____________ (Email address/Skype/Yahoo Messenger)
5) Your perferable Car details:

(Automaker Name/Engine size/ AT or MT/ Body color/ Years/ Location/ Estimated price)
6) First owner: ____ (Y/N)
7) When to buy it? _____ (Estimated Month/Year)
8) Register yourself to Blogger. (

MAC will keep in touch with you once you have registered as member.

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